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Gafas y Tubo de Buceo , Accevo Top Set de Snorkel con Templado antiniebla cristal Máscara, Compatibles con Cámara GoPro Hero (Amarillo) B0727YKG1S

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  • √. Sports Cam Mount: With our integrated GoPro Mount you can easily attach your GoPro camera to capture and share your adventure with friends and family.
  • √. 180° Full view design: The biggest of any snorkel mask on the market,provides you a full face snorkeling view area!(Caution: It is not to be used for diving)
  • √. Adjustable Nylon Straps: Normal goggles have rubberized straps which make taking goggles off and putting them on your head painful when your hair gets pulled.
  • √. Safety Silicone Mouthpiece: Enjoy a dry snorkel that has a comfortable, soft and form fitting silicone mouthpiece allowing for prolonged use without any discomfort while snorkeling, or spearfishing.

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Specs & Details
Snorkel material: Plastic & silicone
Snorkel length:15.75 inch(40cm)
Mask strap material: Imported silica gel

Package Include:
1x snorkel mask
1x Top dry snorkel
1x Sports Cam Fixed Bolt

Checking the seal:
Pull the straps of the mask over your head and check the fit of the mask on your face,breath normally to check for any leaks,if you feel slight pressure change when you breath,then you have a good seal,if not ,please kindly adjust the mask wire size.

Make sure there is no sand on the mask or tube, if there has sand,using water to clear the breathing tube or mask,once the mask is clean then it ready for use.

Once in the water,swim on the surface and breathe calmly through your mouth or nose,if you feel light headed remove the mask immediately, keeping your chin slightly up will create the best breathing experience, if you feel any obstruction to your breathing, it may be due to the snorkel being covered in water temporarily , the dry top snorkel design will prevent water from entering through the top of the snorkel , if water leaks into your mask, simply lift your head out of the water and it will drain out of the chin valve,no need remove your mask to clear it of water.

How to install the snorkel and mask
1, Along the direction of the arrow open the button
2, Adjust the strap to the right position along the direction of the arrow
3, Put the strap into the clamping groove and arrange well
4, Adjust the mirror belt tightness, complete assembly

Place snorkel securely in mouth; don't bite too hard
Submerge face in water to ensure proper seal
Practice clearing snorkel with strong exhale

This snorkel mask is not intended for use in freediving,scuba diving or strenuous swimming,please follow the instructions.